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Positive Engagement

More than ever, content matters. And not just blah-blah-blah gymnastics to fill space. True engagement requires seduction, yes, but also depth, accuracy, ethics, fulfillment, shared knowledge, and, at times, surprise. 

Ever since I started scrawling notes on binder paper as a youngster, I have been committed to using words to educate, entertain, challenge, and astonish. I have built and/or served communities of musicians, bands, artists, entertainers, videographers, writers, corporate managers, and music fans through scrupulous and targeted deployment of words, images, video, and social posts.


There's a ton of fun involved, as well, because writing, researching, and leading teams is pure joy for me. I adore challenges and solving problems. I love bringing people together. I thrive on collaboration and creative debate. I live to get things done.

Throughout my career in journalism, editing, team managing, creative direction, music production, and rocking out in myriad bands and musical ventures, I have brought talented people together to achieve common goals, think expansively, and help make something a bit better than how we found it.

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