Current Resume

Michael Molenda

Work Experience
October 1997-June 2018
Editor in Chief, Guitar Player 
Editorial Director, Bass Player, Keyboard, Electronic Musician
     Managed print, web, and social content teams across four brands-including supplemental revenue projects, such as events, trade shows, and specialized publications.
      Worked with sales team to serve client promotional needs and identify potential new business.
    Evangelized brand in the marketplace, to other media, and across reader communities.
    Founded events, awards, and supplemental businesses to promote the brand and engage guitar fans, such as Guitar Player's Guitar Superstar Competition, Certified Legend Award, the Ronnie Montrose Rock the Nation Award for Young Guitarists, the revitalized Guitar Player Records (Mi5Recordings/Universal Music Group), and various book projects for Hal Leonard Corporation (The Guitar Player Book, Guitar Heroes of the '70s, Carlos Santana, Clapton Beck Page).
    •  Founder of brand extensions, such as Rumble (for teen guitarists) and MC2 (a music technology publication). 
     Took print circulation from 80k to more than 100k in one year after hire. 
     Helped organically grow social networks, often with limited corporate investment.
     Penned more than 2,500 interviews, product reviews, technical commentaries, educational articles, and opinion pieces.

Editor in Chief, Electronic Musician

     Developed content strategy to transform a computer-based DIY publication into the preeminent resource for home-recording techniques and products.
     Managed and integrated a diverse team of in-house editors, artists, administrative personnel, and freelance writers. 
     Conceptualized and edited brand extension, Making the Ultimate Demo.

B.S., Journalism, San Francisco State University